Feral cat wanders into zoo, becomes best friends with bear

Zookeepers at a California zoo said a feral cat wandering through the zoo in search of food struck up an unexpected friendship with a 550-pound black bear.

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary zookeepers said the cat was first seen a few months ago wandering into the exhibit to partake in the dog food scattered around the enclosure for the bears.

“Every morning we scatter dog food for the bears and she started coming into the exhibit and eating the dog food,” Jill Faust, senior lead zoo keeper told KXTV. “Once she started coming in here on a regular basis we started putting food out for her in the morning as well.”

Senior lead zookeeper Jill Faust said the cat was dubbed Little Bear after workers noticed her shadowing a 550-pound bear named Sequoia.

“Sequoia walks right by her, she’ll walk right by Sequoia and they’ll stay pretty close to each other,” Faust said.

The zoo said Little Bear seems to ignore the other bears in the zoo, but she has a “special relationship” with Sequoia.

It was unclear when Little Bear first moved into Sequoia’s enclosure, but photos of the pair enjoying a meal together first emerged on Facebook in January.